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To inquire about adopting Fiona, please contact Carrie by clicking here.

Fiona with Annie a.k.a Puppy
Fiona is a 2 and a half-year-old terrier mix.  We have no idea what kind of  mix she is, but we hear a lot of guesses, from Dalmatian to Jack Russell to Retriever.  She is 40 pounds and very fit.  Fiona has short white hair with liver colored spots on her ears and a few throughout her coat.
She is spayed and up to date on all her shots and heartworm preventative. She has no known medical or health problems.

Fiona’s Personality:
Fiona is always happy. She really is. She is so happy that we call her the tap dancing dog.  She loves to play fetch and go for walks with her head halti on (she is perfect on her head halti).  She loves to play with other dogs, but needs to be the most dominate dog in a family or she will be hyperactive.  She knows basic commands and is crate trained.  She is
an inside dog and is fully house-trained.

Ivy gettin Fiona lovin
Why Fiona Needs A New Home:
We have made the difficult decision to give up Fiona for her own happiness.  We have 3 other dogs.  Two of them are easy for her to get along with, as they are submissive to her.  Our other dog has a dominant personality and Fiona and her have fought too many times.  We decided to place Fiona because
the other dog is more bonded with the family and it would be harder on her  (I believe Fiona would meet her new family and be so happy she wouldhardly notice the change).  But also because I think she would really benefit from a calmer home. She tends to be hyperactive around a lot of children and a
lot of dogs.

The Family Fiona Is Looking For:
I know that someone somewhere will see this and will have the perfect home waiting for her.  The most important thing is that she is loved.  But also that she doesn’t have competition for top dog. Because of her being happy and bouncy a lot of the time, she shouldn’t live with very small children. 
Her new family should either be experienced dog handlers or willing to learn.

How To Adopt Fiona or Learn More:
I can be contacted through email at
to answer any questions you may have about Fiona and also to send pictures of you would like to see her.  If you would like to speak to me, send me your phone number and I will call you or ask for mine.  There will be an adoption fee of $60 as required to keep her safe, but if she needs transport I will
assist in arranging and funding that.

- Thank you for reading about Fiona.  If you think you may be the home she needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Fiona the Tap Dancing Clown
Fiona had to wear this collar after injuries from a fight with Sophie

Fiona in the middle

Fiona and the kids
Fiona as a pup enjoying a toy
Fiona and Aurora
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