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Teach your cat to jump through a hoop

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written by Jess

You may wonder why you should or if you can train your cat to do tricks.  The answers are because it can be fun to do and yes even cats can learn tricks. 
To teach this trick you first need to find a hoop for your cat to jump through, I used one of those basketball hoops that you hang over a door, just be sure to remove the net.  Once you have your hoop you'll need to find a treat your cat loves.
After you have your items together get your cat and start training.  Always start out simple and keep sessions short so your cat doesn't get bored. I could usually get five or six good jumps before my cat would call it quits.
Start out by showing your cat the treat and leading him through the hoop which you should hold against the floor.  Give your cat a command such as 'through' as he passes through the hoop.  When he goes completely through give him the treat and praise him. Then repeat the process going the other way, always giving a treat and praise after he's through the hoop.
The next day do a couple 'throughs' with the hoop on the floor and then raise it an inch or two above the floor. If your cat tries to go under the hoop lower it a little bit and continue.
Keep raising the hoop a little bit everday. By the time you get to a height where you can't lead the cat through the hoop with treat you should be able to simply show your cat the treat and then hold it on the other side of the hoop.
If at anytime your cat refuses try going back a step, if your cat still refuses simply end the session,with no treats or praise, just put everything away. The next day start at the last successful level and then try moving up to the next level again. If you reach a point where your cat always refuses a level then you've probably reached your cats limit and you should keep the hoop at the previous level.

You may not be able to wean your cat off the treats completely, but you should be able to get your cat to a jumps before receiving his treat.
Once you have taught your cat this trick you'll be able to wow your friends at how smart your cat is.
Good luck!

The information contained on this site is not intended to be a replacement for proper veterinary care.  We cannot diagnose or suggest treatments of illnesses over the internet, it is not only illegal but also dangerous. If your pet is ill take it to a veterinarian.
If you use any of the information on this site you do so at your own risk.

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