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Product Pick of the Month

Soft Claws
Nail Caps

Save your furniture and avoid painful scratches without declawing your cat.
I find this product to be a great alternative to declawing. Nail caps fit over your cats claws and do not interfere with normal nail retraction.  To put them on your pet all you have to do is trim the nail, put a drop of the adhesive into the cap and slip it over the nail. You may need a helper if your pet is a little frisky. The caps last about 4-6 weeks and come in purple, hot pink, blue, bright red, or clear. The kit contains 40 nail caps, six applicator tips, and tubes of adhesive, instructions are included.  The kit costs around $15.99.  If you can't find them in the store you can order them from several pet product magazines such as Drs. Foster & Smith. You will need to measure your cats nail to get the correct size. Foster & Smith have a size chart included in their catalog.
Note: Also available for dogs. Clear only.


Speed Train Your Own Retriever
by Larry Mueller
Hunting Dogs Editor
Outdor Life

I think this book is a great pick for anyone wanting to train their own hunting dog. 
This book takes you through starting off right with your new puppy all the the way through having a wonderfully performing finished dog.  There are a couple of things in the book that I disagree on, such as ear pinches, but you can just skip that.  I don't think you should pass up on this book just because of that, because it really does cover everything, from basic obedience, whistle commands, water and land hunting, and so much more.
So if you're thinking of training your own retriever this would be a great book for you.


Halti Headcollars

I like the Halti headcollar because it gets your dog to focus on you and will also help with pulling. I got one for our samoyed/lab cross because training with a conventional slip chain just did not work. After she got used to the Halti her pulling stopped and she was more focused on me making it easier to train her. 
You will have get the correct size for your dog so that the collar doesn't ride up on your dogs eyes or slip off. The packaging has a size chart on the back of it that goes by breed. The Halti costs between $10-$15 depending on where you buy it. If your vet sells them they can help you to get a good fit.
I would recommend this for just about anyone who has a dog that pulls your arm off everytime you walk them whethe your interested in obedience training or not.

If you would like to contribute your product or book review, please visit my Contact Me page at the link on the top of the page.  Please include name of the item, a description, price range, and your review. Please follow the instructions under 'Contributors Guidelines' found on the Contact me page, but include "product review" in the subject line. If you are submitting a book review please include the full title and the author's name. I reserve the right the edit all reviews and to refuse any and all submissions.

The information contained on this site is not intended to be a replacement for proper veterinary care.  We cannot diagnose or suggest treatments of illnesses over the internet, it is not only illegal but also dangerous. If your pet is ill take it to a veterinarian.
If you use any of the information on this site you do so at your own risk.

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