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Like what you've read here? Hate what you've read here? Written something that you'd like me to consider for a future issue? Please get in touch!

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If you're thinking of contributing, be sure to take a look at the "Contributor's Guidelines" section on this page.

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To subscribe to Tia's Pet Place, please send me and email with "subscribe" as the subject.  I will add you to the mailing list and send you a link to the site when a new edition comes out. If you would like a copy of the Tia's Pet Place sent to by mail, please email me for details.

Contributor's Guidelines

If you would like to contribute an article or picture to the Tia's Pet Place, please send your article or picture to the Mailbag.  I will then review your article or picture and let you if it has been chosen for publication and will also let you know when it will be put up.  You can submit your article or picture to whoever you want but I reserve the right to use your submission in any future publications without permission from the submitter. 
All submissions must be family friendly and must be your original work. Any submission containing items that are profain will be edited or rejected.  I reserve the right to edit or reject any and all submissions.
At this time there is no payment for contributing, however you will be named as the author or photographer.  Please tell me what information you would like me to include about you when you send me your submission.  Your name and information will also be included if I use your submission in the future.
Some topic ideas for articles:
Pet Health
Pet Nutrition
Product reviews
That's just to give you some ideas, this magazine will cover all types of pets and there care so just write about whatever you know.
Please remember to include "Article Submission" or "Picture Submission" to the email subject line.

The information contained on this site is not intended to be a replacement for proper veterinary care.  We cannot diagnose or suggest treatments of illnesses over the internet, it is not only illegal but also dangerous. If your pet is ill take it to a veterinarian.
If you use any of the information on this site you do so at your own risk.

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