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Several years ago, I had rescued a cat from a Pet store who annoyed the owner so much she was going to just dump him some where and forget about him....he was a sad little cat - clawing desperately at the bars of the steel cage he was in - he wanted out so badly and just wanted to be loved. I saw him and fell in love with him right away - and brought him home with me that day. His name was Natti.
As it turned out Natti had severe brain damage from an injury to his head. As a young cat he was kind of ok but as he got older, he became less tolerant of people and would actually attack anyone who came to our door. He got "cat therapy" and cat medication, but continued to decline mentally.
When he was 6 years old, Natti could no longer function safely in the world. I held him in my arms while he was put to sleep.He died on August 16th, 2003.  He is buried out by my horse barn where I can see him and be close to him everyday. But that is not the whole story.
A few weeks earlier I had heard about a farm place that had become over-run with cats. The owners were destroying all the cats they could catch. Needless to say, I was horrified. I called and asked if I could come down with my "have a heart pet trap" and try and save a few of the cats or kittens.
All that was left were 4 hapless, skinny, starving little waifs who had no idea what good a human being could be! I put them in a kennel for several weeks until they kind of learned to accept me as being "safe." Over time, each kitten became socialized to being handled by humans and finally, learned to trust.
Among the group of kittens was a funny little guy who was so bold and had a personality that just wouldn't quit! He was in to everything and took many bold chances with visiting relatives dogs, and he LOVED to play with my nephews for hours on end.
The Only Picture of Peanut

After long thought, I decided that "Peanut" would help me heal from the loss of Natti and he became my cat. He sat on my head, slept under the covers with me at night, and helped me with about everything I would do in the house.
When Peanut was about 4 months old, I made the appointment to take he and his brothers in to be neutered and to get their vaccinations. It was December 12th. 
Peanut died on the operating table that day. In his memory and exuberant spirit, my efforts to help stray, homeless and unwanted cats is named Peanut's Place. This is his honor. And he would have wanted me to continue my mission.
Like the story about the starfish on the beach - I have to make a difference. Even if it is only one cat or kitten at a time.....  

For more information about Peanuts Place or adopting a cat Contact Janeen. Just click here.

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